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Speedbump Installations:

Markmor specializes in Speedbump installations, we also offer a DIY solution.

Metal domes

Rubber ramps

Rubber pyramids

Tar speed ramps

Road Marking

Conforming to all SABS requirements.

Covering all aspects of road marking in residential and business parks


Factory Floor Demarcation

Markmor offers a full Factory Floor Demarcation Solution from layout, floor preparation either by Vacu-blasting or Acid Etching, and final application of Road Marking Paint. We also offer a cold plastic paint application option.

Vacu-blasting & grinding

Safety Bollards

Supply and install of Concrete and Metal Bollards.

Concrete bollards

Metal Barrier Bollards made to client’s specification

Metal Bollards

Plastic Bollards

Boom Gates

Supply and install manual and automated boom gates.

Supply and Install of automated Boom Gates and Road Spikes

Supply and Install of manual Boom Gates


  • We offer industrial roof painting and maintenance, from small single unit buildings to large industrial multi-unit buildings.


  • We expert in waterproofing from standard domestic roofs up to large industrial roofs and parapets.